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Hybrid masks combine two styles of CPAP masks into one. They have a mouth cushion and nasal pillow that work in unison. The idea is for the user not to feel claustrophobic as some may feel with traditional full face masks. Hybrid masks we offer are the TAP®PAP, Mirage Liberty, and RespCare Hybrid.</plaintext> Mirage Liberty is a Hybrid version of Full Face Mask that offer clear field of vision. Mirage Liberty™ Hybrid mask features dual wall nasal pillows with trampoline action that move independently, and adjust to various nasal contours for a comfortable and effective seal. Mirage Liberty™ Hybrid CPAP Mask with Headgear by ResMed. The Mirage Liberty™ Hybrid mask features dual wall nasal pillows with trampoline action that move independently, and adjust to various nasal contours for a comfortable and effective seal. ResMed’s patented dual wall mouth cushion creates a secure, flexible seal, and accommodates jaw movement, eliminating the need for a chin strap. Get the ResMed Mirage Liberty here! You may also find my article about the most comfortable CPAP mask and best CPAP mask for side sleepers helpful as well. No matter which mask you choose to go with, make sure to pick up some additional tubes as well as tube cleaners. These masks and the tubing that they come with it a very disgusting very quickly.</p> <p>Shop Mirage Liberty Mask Systems online at Cheap CPAP Supplies Lowest pricing & Free Shipping every order!. The Mirage Liberty™ Hybrid mask offers comfort and freedom in a minimalist design that enables patients to read, wear glasses, or watch television. Less mask, more freedom. Mirage ™ Liberty is a full face mask that seals individually at the mouth and nose. With less skin contact and an open field of vision, this unobtrusive mask feels light on the face. With a fit range of over 90% of users, the Mirage ™ Liberty is ideal for patients seeking a comfortable alternative to conventional. This is the Mirage Liberty Full Face CPAP Mask Hybrid combo of nasal pillow and oral mask manufactured by ResMed. This mask includes the headgear and comes with two sizing options: Small and Large. This is a full face mask that seals individually at the. This particular hybrid mask goes right under the chin. The competitor, the Mirage Liberty by Resmed does not go under the chin. I’ve got to tell you about sizes. Like I said, I’m very opinionated on these reviews. I like this mask a little bit more than the Resmed Mirage Liberty for one reason.</p> <p>Mirage Liberty Mask Fitting Template Actual Size: 5 inch Width X 3 inch Height. Note: Mask fitting templates should be used to aide patients in the fitting of CPAP masks. Altering the size or dimensions of the original online PDF in any. ResMed 2010 - Images and Text Used With Permission We ship ResMed products within the US only. No 3rd party or B2B transactions allowed. 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